Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Then Came The People (Part 1)

So, there are a lot of people who shape who we are. I am not just talking about parents, that would just be stating the obvious. They shape who you are from birth, in my case giving me too much food and making my shape somewhat plump... No, the people I am talking about are those who have guided you to do something which has inevitably moulded you somehow. Their actions don't have to be huge movements, as sometimes the smallest decision can make a big impact on who you are and who you will become. This is exactly what happened to me.

The first person I am going to talk about is a guy called Ollie. When I met him I knew I liked the theatre, I always had done. The thing is I never really followed through this passion by going to see things on stage as much as I should have. Ollie is an avid fan of Avenue Q. Avid is no overstatement, he has probably seen this show more times than any other individual in the world. Just a few months ago he had seen Avenue Q 70 times. By now I am sure this figure has dramatically increased. His passion for this show allowed him to introduce it to me. I was a bit unsure of what to expect as its not every day you come across a theatre show that uses puppets alongside human characters, well that is of course if you exclude bob the builder's live stage show. But lets face it, thats never going to make it into the West End, let alone last in excess of three years in the public eye. I am sorry to break this bad news to all the Bob The Builder fans out there.... but its true... I'm sorry.

So Avenue Q... What can I say? You really need to see this show. It is described on posters as "pant wettingly funny". At this stage I would like to say it is generally advisable not to wet yourself in the theatre, as it tends to smell a bit... which frankly isn't very nice, nor comfortable for you seeing as your in that same seat for in excess of two hours. Anyway where was I? You sure as hell come close to wetting yourself with laughter, its hilarious! The writers of this show have taken a look at real life situations with a comical twist. The use of puppets has allowed the show to cross the accepted borders of political correctness, and venture into uncharted territory. Afterall cute lovable puppets can get away with saying a lot more about racism, sexuality and internet porn than human characters can... its one of the benefits that comes with being made of felt and fur. Either way its a light hearted, brutally honest if not a tad brash and crude take on real life packed out with humour from start to end with songs you cant help but sing along to. You really need to make an effort to see Avenue Q, there simply is nothing else like it in the West End.

Anyhow back to Ollie. I think at the very least it is best to say we had a very strained friendship. However him dragging me along to Avenue Q that first time marked a new chapter in my life. I had never been to a London theatre, rather in the past having chosen to see things at regional theatres. I had always viewed the West End as being somewhat over expensive, and didn't quite understand why people would shell out so much money just to see a show. That first show made me realise there was a lot more to West End shows than met the eye. An entirely different atmosphere, not to mention a full on better show. It was fantastic.

So this guy whom these days rarely speaks to me only did something small... which was getting me to go along to his favorite show. But the overall result of this was huge, and inevitably has changed who I am. Socially I am a very different person, opting to spend a lot more time at the theatre these days, I just feel so relaxed and at home there. Though that aside its amazing looking at how these little people in your life, who at first sight may seem insignificant can sometimes mould you more than those who you see every day.

In a sense its unfortunate that myself and Ollie are no longer in touch. We used to clash a lot, and the arguments were not good for either of us. After the last argument I decided to take a step back. I don't dislike the guy, but I don't want either of us to go through the bad times the six months of knowing one another bought us. Rather I would like to look at the good times and see the positives that he bought to me. It was a turbulent friendship, but Ollie definitely helped inspire me and my drive towards pursuing my dream. So whether or not I ever speak to him again, there will always be a place for him in my heart and mind. (This is proof i can be a softie at times!)

So there we have it, the first of many influential people I will be talking about in these blogs. I hope you are all still enjoying the reads, please leave comments and feedback. Its nice to know what you think! I'm sorry theres no mention of pink tutus today, maybe tomorrow eh?

G xxx


  1. this blog is really inspiratonal...great to read.
    dont stop writing :)

  2. Really Good . Wooo To Avenue Q. Its Truly Amazing!

  3. Okay - I just read all the blogs, and like they are quite cool and stuff. But you're quite naive tbh, you seem to imagine this world in which money is no real object, and you can just live these dreams without having to look after the three kids and whatever else you have back in the real world.
    I'm not a huge theatre fan, so you may think my opinion is irrelevant, I do think the friend thing was very true, but I would actually move on from that and say its EVERYTHING(not just people) that happens that can affect you in a huge way.
    That was a small break from the naivity speech, so I'll get back to that :). You haven't even mentioned how much social support is in fact completely and entirely nessecary for the completion of any dream to be fufilled. Nor how you will continue you life once you move out and stuff (I think that would be an interesting subject for your next blog though - your plan to get what you want)

  4. I do read this y'know :P

    - Ollie x

  5. i read it and liked it and im sorry