Sunday, 26 July 2009

The First Class

So as you will have recalled from a couple of blogs ago, in true Gareth style I was running late for my first drama class. Well its good to make a dramatic entrance right? All of a sudden it was like being the new boy back at school again, I walked into a room full of strangers. I stood their and cast my eye around the circle of diverse individuals. I was rather scared, it was like going on a roller coaster for the first time or being scared of the dark as a little kid. I realised that I was one of the youngest in the room, which in a sense I took a lot of comfort in.

The class were just playing a few games... games??? I thought I was here to learn more about drama!!! What I came to learn in due course was that there is so much more than just getting up on stage. The warm up routines, and simply being relaxed is so important even before you set foot on a stage. They also really help bring people together, and brought so many laughs to the sessions over the duration of the course.

The first real task of the evening was simply based upon communication. This I guess is particularly important when you are around a new bunch of people. In theory it shouldn't have been a problem for me as I can chat for England. We were asked to pair up and tell this other person about our worst day ever. I am not a hugely open person whilst at the same time I am more than happy to chat away about normal things (says the person who is writing a blog for anyone and everyone in the entire world to read). I started by telling a story to a guy called David, hes a really laid back guy, and a great person to work with.

We would then go on to tell a different person, the story we had just been told. So in a sense we are all now telling somebody else's story, which allowed us to modify it slightly and tell it in a way that we felt comfortable doing so. Its much easier talking about somebody elses worst day ever, as its no longer personal, which allows you to really get engrossed and put more passion into the way you are telling it, rather that the specific facts involved with the story. The task then progressed with the class being split into groups where we could tell a story to the others, the group would then decide which one they liked best and act it out in three short scenes. Ours was about a dead dog... If James from the class ever gets to read this, I just want to credit him with his outstanding performance as a dead dog, seriously no other person I know could fill his boots in this roll... or should I say fill his paws?

The first positive sign for me that I had made the right decision in pursuing drama again was when the group I was with told me that the way i presented my story was very well done. Its really reassuring to get a positive push so early on. When you get told what a great job you have done it truly does feel satisfying. Thats why if i feel an actor or actress is particularly good and I see them at stage door or have a chance to pass a message onto them, I always do. As no matter how many times you get a positive remark, it always feels great and inspires you to continue trying so hard at what you do. Or at least it does with me. Other people's support in life has always been a catalyst for me.

I left that evening feeling rather positive. Despite the crappy day I had on the run up to the class, it all seemed so distant now, like it was something that had happened last week or something. I felt refreshed and revived, something that doesn't often happen at 9:30 at night. I know that this is all sounding rather cheesy now but I really did start to feel that new lease of life coming from within. The group I was around were fantastic, and already we were starting to gel so well.

Was this all just beginners luck or the start of something great? Well I know that answer but you will all have to wait i'm afraid. My god this is a better cliff hanger than you get on Eastenders! Then again Eastenders is rather crap...

Thanks for reading, as ever leave comments, I love reading your thoughts and feelings on the blogs.

G xxx

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  1. You have a wonder way of thinking. I really like this line,
    "it was like being the new boy back at school again".
    Now theres a feeling that not many people will remember I feel.