Saturday, 11 July 2009

An Introduction

The thing about blogging is you spend forever typing trying to make yourself sound cool, in the hope that somebody somewhere will show some vague interest in you and what you do. The harsh reality is that nobody is likely to read this but me... and maybe my mum, she is rather supportive, though is more likely to point out every spelling and grammatical error i have made, rather than take note of what I have said... so sorry about that mum!

Anyway i will keep this introduction short. I'm Gareth and I love theatre. I study drama. So here is my blog kinda covering my progress and the long long and very ambitious goal of reaching the big stage somewhere in the West End... That said, any stage would be nice really. I also spend a lot of time at the theatre so expect the occasional review thrown up for good measure.

Ambition is a crazy thing. We are taught as kids to shoot for the stars and follow our dreams, then we grow up. As adults we realise that life is about making ends meet and paying that ever increasing stack of bills, not living that dream you had when you were ten years old. But what if you could have both? Live the dream whilst managing to keep a roof above your head... thats what i hope to do... no not hope... thats what I WILL do.

So where does this story start? I always loved drama but never really saw a future for myself in it. I dunno why, I guess at the time of my GCSE's i never realised that there was a chance of turning this fun and vibrant drama lesson into a future. Or maybe it was the fact that like most teenage boys everything that didn't involve some x-rated website seemed like effort and therefore was a bad idea. Either way I lacked the motivation and drive I should have had. Looking back i realise this was a mistake, and now I am looking to turn all this around, only now I have to do things the hard way.

This leads me onto why i decided to blog things... I thought it may make an interesting read... then again... it will probably bore everyone senseless... i mean is anybody still reading this first entry? No? Didn't think so... ah well... Well thats me done. If you have made it this far, well done! Check back soon for a new entry :)

G xxx


  1. i thought it was great i mean really! you said it was "SO" boring and no one would read it through but it was great i read it twice! it is really true i mean really!!! i never knew you were so into drama i mean wow!! it was good you could be a play writer or a or a book writer! i mean it was good i so cant wait for ur next update! :P :) oooooo "hugs" a "SO" bored friend :P

  2. People are commenting :)
    and i am being honest when I say I am not using multiple emails :p
    great blog

  3. Thats awesome!! I hope everything works out for you!! :)

  4. ' Live the dream whilst managing to keep a roof above your head...'

    Don't you live with your parents?