Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Inspiration

I truthfully don't remember what originally inspired me to get into drama when I was at school. Maybe it was the fact that it was a lesson where I could piss around but at the same time get good grades. I tried this same approach in maths... epic fail... but lets not go there. Either way I always loved drama but as mentioned in yesterday's blog, I kinda threw away my chances to follow this up after my GCSE's.

So anyway what inspired me to get back into drama? Surprisingly it was the West End production of Billy Elliot. It was a friend's favorite show and I agreed to go see it with him. When i went into the theatre I was adamant I would hate it... 2 and a half hours later I was in love with the show!!! I think unless you have seen the film, which at this point I hadn't you can get a lot of misconceptions about this show. Its a lot more than some kid who wants to dance. Its packed with emotion from laughter to tears, its purely and simply genius. The music is fantastic, the actors were immense and the dancing was awesome... yes i even enjoyed the dancing!

But what was it specifically that made me want to get into drama again? The tutu's of course!!! Nah just kidding. At the showing of Billy Elliot which I was at Fox Jackson-Keen was playing the role of Billy with Michael being played by Lewis Cope. When I saw these two kids perform it reminded me of what it was like to be a kid doing drama, and planted the seed of thought... what if i was more assertive and pushed myself at drama? What if i was more motivated and continued the subject i was good at? Hindsight is a wonderful thing... but you can''t change the past. You can however mould your future. Thats what i decided to do.

So seeing these two kids perform at a show which appealed to so many different emotions was something I hadn't experienced in theatre before, it was a real eye opener to me. It made me realise that now was the time to act, now was the time to get off my arse and do something with my life! So there you have it, some people claim to have their lives changed by god... mine was changed by Billy Elliot...

Since then I have seen Tom Holland and Brad Wilson play the part of Billy. They both give the character a whole personality. Whilst Fox will always be my favorite Billy, Tom however manages to convey so much emotion, particually in the song "The Letter", its just so unbelieveably powerful, you can't help but be drawn into it. Since seeing Lewis play Michael however I have since felt that this character is very much the unsung hero. After seeing Lewis twice I stumbled across a guy by the name of George Maycock and a little later on Dean Charles-Chapman. Much like the role of Billy each of these guys bring a whole new personality to the role. George was particually good, he is deffinatly very different to Lewis, bringing a hugley flamboyant upbeat streak to the role of Michael. I look forward to seeing George and Lewis again soon! Either way the point I am making is that irrigardless of who plays whatever role, they all in their own way have inspired me with their strengths within that character.

So that show I thought I would never like has inspired me to push myself as an individual and very much like the story line of Billy Elliot... be myself and follow my dream. I think on a serious note we all need to do this. I look around and see so many people who could have achieved so much... and there they are behind a checkout at Tesco... its hardly the high life is it? So if your reading this and want to make a change for the better... do it, it doesn't matter what other people say or think... just do it... do it for yourself. Or at very least go and see Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre and see for yourself what a great show it is.

As for me... maybe you will get to see me in a pink tutu sometime... but until then keep reading and leave me comments. Its nice for me to read what you guys say... all be it theres only been one comment so far but it was a nice one :)

Over and out...

G xxx


  1. wow thats great it is amazing and will totally try and find that movie. i mean really that is so cool! and i will look forward to seeing you in a pink tutu. bye
    a SO bored friend :)

  2. heya:) great blog hope we do get to see billy eliott together soon haha xx

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog, very interesting. I hope you continue to enjoy Billy Elliot. CM

  4. How many people have similar stories after seeing this fanatastic musical - I know it wasnt drama I wanted to get into after ssing the first show but I certainly wanted to do things differently - and have done so.
    That first Billy, in your case Fox and in mine Rarmian, leave a lasting impression on you and are always special in the BETM experience

  5. Um! that last comment was me - Brad from FOBE

  6. Very much enjoyed reading this, it's even made me listen to 'The Letter' again.
    I may well shed a tear. Again. *sigh*
    James from Facebook :)

  7. You wrote in the intro that your mum would just complain and spelling mistakes and grammatical errors- I haven't looked out for spelling's but the grammar has been top notch so far. ;)
    A. :)

  8. Also, I'm really pleased with what an upbeat attitude is coming across from you. :) It's both refreshing and pleasing to see from my point of view.

  9. The first paragraph is shows a wonderful attitude to education.