Sunday, 28 March 2010

Our Country's Bad... Bad... BAD!!!

So the first performance of the year is finally upon me....EEEK! I have to be honest I could have worked harder for this, but when there is a group unity missing, it feels like you are working towards a worthless cause sometimes. It is easy to forget that you are really out for yourself in acting land. As they say its a dog eat dog world... or I guess in this case, actor eat actor world... though if i am honest I never have fancied eating an actor before. But if I did, I would imagine they would taste like chicken, wouldn't you?

Anyhow, before the performance had even started we found out we were to be down an actor. All be it for genuine reasons, but frustrating none the less. Want to know whats worse? The missing actor was a core part in the play... OUCH! Oh and did I mention that there weren't any understudies? All be it Daniel, another guy on the course valiantly stood in, but as you can imagine with someone introduced so late on, the balance was lost and all that had been covered in rehearsals was best part wasted. We had just one full run through with Daniel before the final performance, and I will give him his dues he did a great job in the circumstances.

So lets jump to the end of the evening now. The point where we got our feedback. Now Cat is always pretty straight talking. You know she will be fair when she assesses your work. What came next was a shock to me, our teacher said that she liked my characterisation of the role, and that it was a generally good performance from me. As ever I was faulted on my articulation, but this has always been a flaw of mine, I speak too fast, and unless I concentrate I forget about this in performance. The point is however I got a generally positive set of notes from the performance.

So I must be happy right? Not at all. I couldn't disagree more with my teacher! I felt my characterisation was poor, as was my movement, and well... everything was poor. I am actually embarrassed by that performance, good feedback or otherwise! Some people say I am too harsh on myself. But me, I disagree, I set my bar higher than others, and if i don't reach it, I have failed. Too many people take comfort in being part of the crowd, but you never get noticed as an individual unless you step out of that crowd and make a statement! And I want to make that statement!

So what next? Well I put a bad performance behind me, close the door on this blog and move on! Only next time I will be much better. I guess we all have our off days, and this was definitely one of mine!!!

G xxx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Our Countrys Good... Or Is It?

So I am coming to the end of yet another course and yet another play. As I said last time I updated there are some exciting things in the pipeline but I want to get this over and done with first before I waffle on out all the new stuff! Trust me its worth the wait, unlike the predictable so called cliff hangers you get at the end of Eastenders. The amount I slag that show off in these blogs, you'd have thought they'd have sued me by now!

So this Tuesday we finally perform "Our Countrys Good", I have to be honest as I said previously there has been something about this course and play that I haven't enjoyed. I think as a group we all perform well with the exception of a couple of people, and I don't mean that negatively... but there is always someone you see and think, what the hell are they here for? Its wrong to mention names, but theres one lady that springs to mind from our group. She never shows enthusiasm, or commitment... but worse still she doesn't even get into character... ever. But something is still missing. even if you ignore what I have just said.. but its too late to change that now! I just have to bite the bullet and get on with it!

So the performance on Tuesday, I have the part of "Sideway" a criminal who has a passion to act. For those who don't know the play, in short it is about convicts who have been outcast to Australia putting on a play with the help of a kind hearted soldier. The play is of course littered with tragedy and twists, but it is somewhat dated. Anyway my role... Sideway...He is a little strange to say the least. Suppose that explains why I was casted in the role. Having rehearsed our piece time and time again, I think we have ironed out most of the imperfections that we had a couple of weeks back.

From a personal perspective I have found it hard to be Sideway. I have had a great deal of difficulty converting my ideas and images of him in my mind into acting. Until now this hasn't been a hurdle that I have had problems clearing. Normally I relish the chance to uncover a characters personality.I actually think its my lack of enthusiasm for the group and play that has left me feeling this way, maybe that combined with my future plans has put this little performance into perspective... I don't know.

But whatever happens I really need to snap out of this feeling to insure that come Tuesday evening I deliver the goods. My Aunt uttered some important words the other week... give every performance your all as you never know who may be watching... Well I guess I will be doing that! Tune in next week to find out how it all went!

G xxx