Sunday, 19 July 2009

First Day At School... How Wonderful!!! (Or Not)

So its the day of my first drama class. The evening before, I made sure I had everything that I would need, and even double checked for piece of mind. Everything was going great... the only problem was things were running a little too smoothly. So its ridiculous o'clock and I'm up ready for work. Its a pretty much bog standard textbook start to the day, or it would have been had I not have fallen back asleep. So I haven't even had breakfast and already the day is going terribly... I'm late for work which didn't really impress my boss! But things would get better... Right? Well sometimes you have days you wished you never got out of bed, today day would turn out to be just like this.

I had aimed to get the 5:17 train from Guildford to London which would have given me plenty of time to get to Swiss Cottage in time for my course. This would have relied on me getting away from work dead on time. Typically at 5PM I am stuck with this customer who just wouldn't shut the hell up and leave. I really cannot stand customers who loiter in store after we have closed. They have from 7:30 in the morning until 5 in the evening to come get the goods, so I really do not have the patience for customers outside of this time. All be it had they have come first thing in the morning I wouldn't have been there as I had overslept, but thats besides the point!

So its about five past 5. I am making a mad dash for the station, I get my ticket and storm down the subway running through whoever may be in my way. I wasn't in the mood for niceties and common courtesy. As i get to the train the guard has just shut the doors... i've missed the train. In theory this didn't matter as the 5:32 would still have got me to my course on time if all was to run well, but looking at how my day had shaped up, this really wasn't going to happen...

I don't know why I was staying positive, generally when you have a shit day things go from bad to worse. The 5:32 train rolls in and leaves dead on time... we are cruising towards London, and in the Wimbledon area I decide to go to the loo and get changed. I go to button up my jeans but realise the pair that i picked was missing the button... i know this is somewhat trivial, but this now meant that I would have to do the class in my work uniform, which would hardly make the impression that I wanted. By this point i'm pissed off. However the worse was still to come. Just outside of Clapham Junction we roll to a stop. The guard makes an announcement that there was a signaling problem however we would be underway shortly. The journey from this point typically takes around 8 minutes. Tonight it would take over an hour. So its just after 7:15, I have 15 minutes to get to my class on time. This just wouldn't happen. I charge to the Jubilee line platform and get on the first train. By this point its just before 7:25. From here it was all pretty much a normal journey, but walking into that class of strangers, in my work uniform 15 minutes late was not the start I wanted at all. Was it an omen that following this dream of mine was a bad idea? Or would things get better? I'll tell you that another day...

G xxx

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