Monday, 13 July 2009

The Next Step

So having re-found my love of drama and an inspiration to get off my arse and do something about it, I needed to plan the best route forward. Before I started any formal training I wanted to appreciate the theatre a bit more by going to as many shows as possible. The theory behind this was that I would be able to take in a lot more, both in terms of the show itself and all the techniques used, be it in the acting, the script or the effects used to fabricate the show. This would be a real learning curve... ok I admit it part of me just wanted to go because I love theatre...

I think its really important to see some contrasting shows and to think outside of the box. Look back at my last blog... seriously if i didn't go to Billy Elliot with my friend, I would probably not have ever gone to that show at all. So sometimes you just have to take a gamble and hope that it pays off. I did much the same with War Horse at the New London Theatre in Covent Garden. I wasn't sure what to expect... well its simply fantastic. The great thing about War Horse is how the scenery and props have been used, it really does utilise them to the shows benefit. Demonstrating the highest possible levels of creativity tied in with an emotionally charged and immensely powerful story line there was not a dry eye in the house. I am not ashamed to admit I had a tear in my eye at the end of the show.

Its amazing how interesting theatre can get when you start looking at things a lot deeper, trying to understand why the writer or the actor has done things a certain way. Seeing how two different actors playing the same character can give that role an entire new personality without the need to change the script. This and more really fascinated me, and the deeper I read into things the more fascinating it all became as i discovered new elements of the show which many would over look. It really gave theatre shows aa new dimension.

So why would i do this? Maybe I have an overactive brain that is not content with accepting a show is staged purely for my enjoyment, but lets face it thats unlikley seeing as i only have one active brain cell, and thats on strike most days. So why? The truth is that to become good at any trade including acting you have to be able to do more than just the basics, you need to be able to deliver the full package. For example its all well and good a plumber being able to fix a leaky pipe, but a master of that art would fix the leaky pipe and stop any recurrence because he understands the bigger picture and all the contributing elements that come into play in this field of expertise. This is the approach i decided to take. If I could understand things better then maybe putting this theory into practice would be easier. If along the way I could learn to fix leaky pipes it would just have been a bonus.

So that was the next chapter of my personal development accomplished... well not strictly accomplished, because in my mind this theory is something that I need to continue every time i see a show. Never close your mind to the infinite possibilities that are set out before you, as with every show, even if I have seen it before I learn something new, and all the time I am learning I am achieving. That sounded so cheesy, but whats wrong with that?.. lets face it Jim Carey based his career on being cheesy... and look at the fame it bought him!

So there you have learned about me, my inspiration and now my mindset... I will tell you a bit more tomorrow.

Keep them comments coming, i'm a comment whore I love them!

G xxx


  1. cool blog =) "leaky pipe..." haha love it x

  2. Hey and you said the blog was worst than the first two entries.... pfft. Anyway i agree with the comment that can always keep learning from stuff however many times you watch it. And keep blogging they are fun to read :D

  3. Really Good Mate. Lets a little insight into your Brain. :D

  4. Jim Carey is dreadful though... :/
    He doesn't deserve his fame- BUT I do understand and agree with what you said there. :)

  5. Well, you surely can 'Express Yourself.' 'Which is... probably a good thing.' Anyway, I have read your first 3 blogs now. Still have some catching up to do. But they are nice to read. I mean, you really can talk about your feelings. That is great!

  6. For someone that says "I only have one active brain cell, and thats on strike most days." You seem to have a grasp of life that exceeds your years.

    Onwards and upwards as they say.