Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Musical Theatre - Day 3

Right so its the half way mark of this intensive course, and for the first time I am starting to find some degree of comfort. Ok that doesn't mean i'm great at what we are doing, but it means I no longer fear I am the worse there! I in fact got some positive remarks from Becky one of the course leaders today. She has grown on me a lot since yesterday and I am really starting to feel comfortable taking guidance from her. She complimented me on my dance work which has inspired me to give it even more tomorrow evening to raise the bar a little further.

We finished the routine for "All That Jazz" today. Its really come together well. With a few more run through's we will have this mastered. The final part of the song is really easy to do, so as it happens we had already learned the hard bit. As for "One", which is from "A Chorus Line". We have that all finished too but if I am honest it is still looking a little messy. My frustration at this is I am stuck in a line behind someone with a limited sense of co-ordination, timing and movement. In group choreography you become very reliant on the person in front of you, as your moves feed from theirs. So this is making it doubly hard for me to make my moves right. We are going to need to work hard on this for Friday if its to be ready, thats for sure, or at very least I need to learn how to focus on my own moves without letting other peoples poor steps influence mine, but that is soooooooo hard.

The group songs are slowly coming together too. I still can't sing, but my confidence in singing as part of a group is definitely improving. Singing alone though leaves me trembling still, but apparently I am gonna spend some time with Vicky doing this tomorrow.... oh joys! (Note extreme sarcasm) I really am not looking forward to the singing!

Anyway Its been another 20 hour day so I'm off to bed!

G xxx

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