Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Musical Theatre - Day 1

So I am gonna leave talking about the other course for a week or so, to do a live blog of whats going on this week. Remember that course that I told you Janet had talked me into doing? And how stupidly despite knowing I would be out of my depth, I agreed to do it? Well thats this week. And you want the truth... I'm shitting myself. I can't sing all that well, I know that. i've never danced before in my life. I am completely outside of my comfort zone of plain old acting in this course. I haven't felt this much fear since it was announced that Big Brother was returning for yet another series. But I guess you need to be outside of your comfort zone to better yourself at a skill... right?

I was first to arrive at Sadder's Wells where the course was taking place. Its rather daunting being the only person in a huge well equipped studio, well alone bar the two course tutors. It wasn't long though until some other faces started appearing. i know its wrong to make judgements so soon, but I instantly felt that this group wouldn't get as well as the previous set of classes I had. Maybe it was my fear of being well out of my depth that was withdrawing me from the group, I don't know... but there was a certain warmth lacking from this group that had been prominent previously.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this course, well not specifically. The criteria on the course outline is a bit vague, but I had expected a gentle smooth introduction to musical theatre. Rebbecca the course leader instead threw us straight in the deep end. there was no zip-zap-boing or name games for this group. We were to get straight into the nitty gritty of it all. I guess on an intensive course this is just the way it had to be, but it did nothing at all for my nerves.

After a few vocal warm ups with Alex, we were all to do a bit of singing individually to find our range, which in turn would help the course leaders work to our strengths. Or in my case what would make me sound least bad. I was actually shaking, I was petrified! I have been through what on paper was a lot worse than this, yet I can comfortably say standing there I was terrified. As we went round the circle there were distinct mixed abilities, though I feared I would be the worse. The one line we had to sing in different keys was "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high". I have quite a deep voice so there is no way that I would reach the high notes that some others were managing. Rather Alex suggested I should see how low I could go.... i did alright I suppose, but to say I am comfortable singing would be a massive lie.

We went on to do some other singing exercises. We focused on "Seasons Of Love" from Rent, and "You'll Never Walk Alone", which off the top of my head is in Carousel, (someone correct me if I am wrong). Either way it is better known in football as Liverpool's anthem. I am more comfortable in group singing as I am less conscious of my contribution, and safe in the knowledge it would be difficult for an audience member to hear me specifically. I think we did ok at these two songs. Alright we picked them up a bit slower than maybe one would have liked but we were sounding half decent. But my fear was my duet performance for the end of the week. Even now I am dreading it. But more about that some other time.

So on to some dance. We will be doing a group piece. This will be "All That Jazz" from Chicago. Its not too difficult actually. Well the movements aren't, mastering the timing is a tad harder. As one bad move and the group choreography can look all out of sync. As a group we somewhat excelled. It needs work, and we have only done the first two verses, but its getting there and with some practice will look good. Or at very least it will make up for my terrible singing!

So that in short is my first day, its noon on Tuesday as I write this, so my next class is in a few hours, so I best go get some practice in... as I need to blow some people away tonight. The thought of not being in the top portion of the class is enough to inspire me to keep trying, but I am gonna need an awful lot more will power if I am to sing on friday!!!

So thats me done until tonight or tomorrow whenever I manage to update you next. Until then, happy reading.

G xxx

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  1. Scary! I would never be able to do that so good on you for giving it a go!!