Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Musical Theatre - Day 2

So its day two and I practiced hard on my day off from work today. I know I will never be a great singer, so I didn't put too much emphasis on learning the songs, I figured I would just go with the flow and focus on dance. I have never done any work in dance before, so this is all completely new to me. Yet somehow I am picking it up rather well. Ok I am not the best at it, but Rome wasn't built in a day, well at least thats what they say. But this isn't Rome, its North London, so I guess things are different here, especially seeing as we all have to be up to scratch for Friday's performance.

The only problem is, that whilst I am picking this up reasonably fast, Its not particularly enthralling. Well at least the routine from Chicago isn't. I did go to see Chicago back when Jerry Springer was staring in the show. I can't say I enjoyed the show all that much and the theatre itself was nothing special. The choreography is good for the show, the storyline is all over the place and the set.... well it doesn't exist. I'm in no hurry to see that show again, but at the same time, now I am performing a routine from it, I do feel a little more attached to the show... well just a little bit!

The choreography for "All That Jazz" is rather simplistic yet very dramatic. Its not about big moves, more about the symbolism that each move carries. Its a very sexy dance routine, which I guess makes me entirely the wrong person to be performing it.... but oh well.

We started work on the finale piece too which is a song called "One" from some show I cant remember and have never seen. We get gold shiny hats... gotta love it. Only thing is there are two moves I am struggling with. This dance is a lot faster, a lot more up beat with bigger moves. Its much harder to get right, and with my limited experience is pushing me further that maybe I would like, or at very least am comfortable with.

Either way I quite like the dance element of all this and whilst the singing isn't really for me at least I get some benefit out of this. I am still not feeling a great group rapport and our course leaders, as nice as they are have failed to inspire me in the way Jenn had in the other classes I have been telling you about. I am not overly confident in my ability on this course, but theres improvement. Guess we just have to wait and see what day 3 holds.

Anyhow its late and I am only gonna get 4 hours sleep again, so i'm outta here until tomorrow!

G xxx

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