Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Save The Last Dance For Me (Rambert Blog Series Finale)

Ok this will be short and in a few seconds you will find out why.... no really this finale to my series of Rambert blogs will probably disappoint as much as the final episode of Lost when that came to an end earlier this year. So please don't get your hopes up... in fact why are you still reading?

I felt that I needed to round up the Rambert series of blogs. Its not good to leave a story at a loose end after all. I left off after my first visit to Rambert, I went to two more shows after this. The first at Saddlers Wells later that week and another back at the school itself the week after. Whilst all were similar, there were some subtle differences between the shows, but what they all had in common was the fact they all left me amazed and in awe of the talent I was witnessing before my very eyes.

I think it shows that we all need a reality check. We look to television shows like X Factor and Britain's Got Talent to find what are supposed to be the most talented acts in the country. But are we right to do this? I appreciate there is much ability on these shows, but are they really the best in the country? I think not. When you see a show like the three that I witnessed you realise that talent goes beyond "ability". It calls on passion, energy and self belief, and each of those attributes can be found in every performer at every Rambert show. So you want real talent? Switch off the TV and see a show like I did. You will not regret it.

So where is this blog leading? I could talk about the latter two Rambert shows in depth. I could highlight the differences between the three shows. I could attempt an in depth analysis of the performances. (But lets face it I am no expert so that would be a journalism suicide) I could also talk about each of my chats with Liam. I could point out why i feel so inspired. You know what? I could do a lot of things... but I am not going to.

The point is there are a lot of things I could say. But when you go through an experience that means such a tremendous amount to you, sometimes its nicer to keep it closer to the heart rather than blurb it all across the internet. I love sharing things with anyone who wants to read my blogs and I made a rule that I would be as open as possible, but you know this is going to be an exception to the rule, and lets face it we can all bend the ruses sometimes!

All I will say in conclusion, is that I now appreciate dance more than ever before, and I have learned so much in my short time at these three shows. As for Liam, I thought the world of him before these shows, I now think even more of him on every single level, I have some great memories not only from the shows but also in getting to chat with him afterwards. Oh, and yes I will be back at Rambert next time they have a show thats for sure!

Oh in other news - 2 days ago marked my blog's first birthday... where are the cards and presents people???

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