Friday, 2 July 2010

The Rouge At Rambert

Anyone who knows me well will appreciate just how much I love performing arts, and as I have said many times before, I rely on the inspiration certain individuals bring to me. There aren't too many people who have the ability to change the way I set about things, but those who do manage to inspire me become very special to me.

One of these people is Liam Mower. What is it about Liam that inspires me so much? Yeah I know what you are thinking... Billy Elliot. That's where you would be wrong. He in fact single handed changed my outlook on dance as a performing medium. That's quite a result! But he inspires me in the way he leads his life also. Liam has never let anything stand in his way when it's come to living his dream to dance. Now at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, he has once again left his life behind in Hull putting everything he had on the line to follow his dreams. That is determination and I really admire that so much! He has openly said that whilst he enjoyed acting he wants to fulfil his aspirations in dance whilst at his prime. In short he is living his life to the max in the way he wants to live it. So that's what I really like about Liam among other things of course!

With a more diverse outlook on performing arts I was really keen to see a show that was all about dance and nothing else. After all it's not quite the same to appreciate dance when it's part of a different show such as a musical. When briefly chatting to Liam at the end of March he made me aware of the Rambert end if term shows. I at that point announced I would go see him perform.

I am sure Liam wouldn't have remembered that conversation, but I did, and was determined to be true to my word. I was also very excited about the prospect of such a show and knowing the standard of training the students at Rambert receive, I was sure it would be an amazing evening.

Furthermore in terms of my own acting... I guess I feel like I have been running on empty these last couple of weeks. I needed refueling (and unlike cars you can't just take me to a petrol station). This needed something special, or rather someone special who could rejuvenate my energy levels and motivation to perform. So there was now even more reason to get along to the show! As with a bit of luck it would give me the lift I was looking for, and if it was anything like the last time I saw Liam perform I knew it would do just that.

I arrived in good time and for a moment stood outside of the main gates to the school. For some reason I was nervous, I felt like a bit of a rouge... Out of place as after all whilst I love watching dance routines I am no expert! As i listened to people talk I became increasingly aware that I was the newbie, baffled by the dance terminology that was being thrown around. I also always imagined shows like this to be for people far posher than me... And let's face it... I'm not very posh. I was truly concerned that I wouldn't fit in and for a brief moment wondered if I should just turn and run.

A few deep breaths later I proceeded onto the lobby then took my aisle seat in the second row of the impressive studio facility at the heart of the school. I was strangely nervous, but excited to know Liam would be one of the first dancers to perform in a routine called "First Steps". But how would the show fair? Would I enjoy it? Would Liam still remain one of my biggest inspirations when the night came to a close? All will be revealed next time!

G x

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