Friday, 12 November 2010

Whats In A Name?

I have written close to 80 blogs now, and I have generally always opted to stay away from sensitive issues such as race and politics. The problem being, they are so subjective that any article written will always cause divides. I have done that enough times in my write ups about drama... this could be a whole new level! I do however think the time has come where I have to put pen to paper over an issue that has been bugging me somewhat today. (I am quite aware in typing this article, I have not even picked up a pen or a sheet of paper)

Yesterday during the two minute silence a group of extremists decided to shout abuse and burn a poppy in a protest against Britain and their deployment of troops in the east. Yes... the same country that educates their children for free, gives them free health service among other things... but apparently we are a bad country in their eyes. Whats more, we live in a country where we have the freedom of speech, which should be a good thing. But is it? Actions like these are not wanted, needed or beneficial to anyone. If anything their actions are only digging themselves deeper holes, which will inevitably cave in on them sooner or later.

Why is this? These extremists just so happened to be Muslim. The unfortunate thing is that very word - "Muslim" has been given a negative stigma by the media. When people hear this word they associate themes such as terrorism and violence with the religion. These views are simply not true, however the media's profile of the belief is starting to paint a completely different picture. I have never studied the Koran, and never intend to. This isn't out of disrespect, I am not religious, its as simple as that. Its the same reason I have no interest in the bible. I do however know that the Koran (just like any other holly book) does not teach hate or violence, thus meaning the very actions of these individuals neither represent their religion or its people.

As a white British citizen, some may argue why should I care? I care because innocent, hard working, kind and caring Muslims are now being tarred with the same brush, all because a small minority of extremists and the British media are giving them a bad name. This is horrible. Why should the innocent be put through this? I feel so sorry for those who have had to suffer because of the negative connotations which have arisen from these small upsurges and the media's coverage of them. Surely the media need to take some responsibility for the racial divides and hatred that are becoming increasingly common in society today. Though we all know this won't happen - the papers are too ignorant to acknowledge that they are damaging innocent lives.

So am I defending the actions of these extremists? No I am not!!! In my eyes they should be treated like the scum they are. They should be punished severely and be humiliated before being kicked out of the country they claim to hate so much. They should have every penny they have had out of the government taken back. This is not because they are Muslim, they should be punished for what they have done, not only to the memories of fallen heroes, but also to the innocent people of their very own religion. I am sure many genuine Muslims would agree that this needs to be done - so as they do not suffer at the hands of the scum that tar their names any longer.

On the same note the individuals who caused criminal damage in the student marches should have all grants and funding removed. It is ludicrous to be petitioning against increases in fees when the actions that some (not all) opted to partake in will cost the tax payer to put right. So if tax payers money is being spent on repairs caused from the protests, where will the funds come from? That's right... education... money doesn't go on trees. It has to be subsidised from another source.

Some students really have demonstrated that they lack an educated front and just like the extremists above are digging deeper and deeper holes to fall down. So now the media have branded students mindless thugs.... yes our friends the media are at it again! So many will now suffer over a march that has set the wrong image of what students believe. I personally feel funding must not be cut else the class system will open up once more. The rich will be able to afford education and the poor won't. Lets just say I am not rich....

So please everybody stop looking at the names and groups, look to the people and the individual and find the real answers. Not everything you read in the papers is accurate!

Really what is this country coming to?

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