Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Bloggings (Part 1)

Well its Christmas time, so firstly if you are reading this Merry Christmas! I have always been a firm believer that Christmas is a good time to look back and reflect over the year gone by, and to take a minute to remember all the people who made it so great, and indeed plot vendetta's against those who were nasty. Just kidding... we all know karma will come and bite them in the arse when Santa doesn't give them any presents in the morning. Santa is real right? So that is what this latest series of blogs will be about, all the awesome people and things that have inspired me over the last year.

I think it goes without saying the first person who has to be mentioned is Fox Jackson-Keen, better known as one of the boys who plays Billy in the West End hit show Billy Elliot The Musical. For those who read one of my very first blogs titled "the inspiration" you will know that he is probably the person who has inspired me most on the drama front. There is something in the way that Fox plays the role of Billy that I really connect with, and a certain level of energy and passion that draws me in to his performances. Its amazing, that every time I see him, I somehow feel even more inspired than I did before when it comes to acting. Despite my numerous writings, I still find it hard to put into words how inspirational and indeed motivational I find Fox's performances...but what can I say? That kid is special, and honestly I don't think i would have pursued drama had it not have seen him, so thanks Fox!

In seeing Billy 30 times, I have met some great people and made some new friends. Today I received a really nice message from one of them. Her name is Becky Chapman, she is part of a Billy obsessed family, comprising of her little sister and mum who all seem really cool people too. (By the way being Billy obsessed is perfectly fine, us crazy people stick together!) Anyhow the message... every year I send people a Christmas message... well a lot of people anyway. She has decided to do the very same thing. Its really nice getting a Christmas message back from someone. Its amazing the power words can convey. So that was a nice surprise for me today! Though before I move on, I think a huge shout out to Bex, Jonas, Justin, Karen, Louis, Lucia & Nicola is due. They are all people I have got to know through the show and they are all such awesome people! I am racking my brain hoping that I haven't missed any of my Billy friends, but inevitably I will have... so if I have, I'm truly sorry!!!

Of course in doing all the drama work I have told you of, I have made some great friends there too. Vikas is probably the most memorable, having done 2 drama courses with him, not to mention the numerous drinking hours in which we have become close friends. All be it we have our differences in opinion, but thats what fuels our drunken conversations. Well not so much drunken, we are far too old and mature for that... well maybe not... That aside, I know that I am always right so never feel threatened by him! Wow I sound big headed sometimes... but honestly he's Scottish, don't believe a word he says. On a serious note however, he is a great guy, really generous and a fantastic friend! I really hope to work with him again in 2010.

This year I have also seen some great shows that have inspired me so much. Asides from Billy I think the most moving show I have seen is War Horse. Its a show that can make grown men cry, it is so real, it rips your heart out and has you on the edge of your seat from start to end. Tied in with some fantastic drama techniques they really make you feel closer to all the action the show really did blow me away. Its a fantastic show, which if you haven't seen I strongly recommend that you do. Its on at the New London Theatre and to the best of my knowledge is booking well into the new year. I also saw La Cage Aux Folles a few weeks back. That too is an amazing show, but more about that in a forthcoming blog! Though I will say now, if you plan to see that it closes in a week or so, so get your tickets now!

So there we have it part one is over and done with, look out for the second part in a day or so, who knows, you may even get a mention!

Have an awesome Christmas!

G xxx

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much Gareth, it is true, we are a Billy obsessed family! lol :) Thanks again, that really means alot to me!